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Lodgepole Campground

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Sequoia National Park

Steep Ravine Campground

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Mount Tamalpais

As our official Beer’dFest 2016 weekend in Big Sur drew to a close, many of us were excitedly talking about the next camping expedition, a March weekend at Steep Ravine camp on the ocean near Stinson Beach, north of San Francisco.

The outing was not planned as a Beer’dFest event, though it had many similarities: lots of friends camping on a cliff above the Pacific at sites that are famously difficult to book.

After lots of good times, with craft beers and good food and a little music and an obstacle course competition that was super fun, consensus was that this weekend was about as Beer’dFest-y as most any Beer’dFest we’ve had.

And so, here is the complete photo report with images by Scott and Jerrold.

The Bard’s tribute to Beer’dFest

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Back at home after a magical weekend
Camping in Big Sur with a gang of good friends
We conquered a keg filled with amber brew
Set up our tents facing ocean views
We played guitars by the fire and on our fingers we blowed
We stayed up together until only embers glowed
We shivered through the night, listening to the rumbling sea
Our sleeping bags we didn’t leave, not even to pee

The sun shined on our cliff and we woke up with glee
To eat chorizo burritos, macaroons and coffee
With a slingshot boys took aim at an innocent Coke can
A crazy hipster screamed into a Go Pro cam
A Scottishman raised a rainbow pinata from a tree branch
But from the swing of a Surena’s stick the candy didn’t have a chance
Pigeons revolted in unison under the doom
Randos cheered at the chorus: “You make my heart explode!!”
Not so much back-to-basics Beer’dfest, more like apocalypse survival
Eagerly awaiting DJ Raccoon Eyes’ revival

From the ashes emerged a menacing form in a red onesy
But from the top of his head was a bear we called Teddy
We immediately fell into sweet Teddy’s trance
And descended into a party that was all coke and dance
By the end of the night we were all at RuckSpin’s feet
Begging for another suck from his teat

So another memorable Beer’dfest weekend has passed
Next year we will scare all the babies wearing animal masks …

-Beer’dfest Bard